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Types of Personal Injury Cases

The Law Office of Ronald M. Scherban, P.C. has been a investigating personal injury claims in the Greater New Haven, Connecticut area for almost 40 years. We are dedicated to providing premium client services and sourcing sophisticated legal solutions for all of our clients. The attorneys at Ronald M. Scherban, P.C. counsel clients and their families about a variety of personal injury claims, including:

Bicycle Injuries

In 2015, 818 bicyclists lost their lives on America’s roads. Six bicyclists per year die in Connecticut. Many more than that are injured. Some of the common causes of bicycle accidents include vehicle accidents, falling, poor condition of the riding surface, inattentiveness, crashing into objects other than cars, and losing control while avoiding a dog.

Car Wrecks

Nearly all vehicle accidents are preventable instances of human error. Some of the more common causes of vehicle accidents are reckless driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, and impaired driving. If you were injured in an accident as a result of another driver’s error, contact us today for your free consultation.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are sudden, disastrous events that cause severe damage and suffering to an individual. There are six types of catastrophic injuries: burn injuries, loss of limbs, organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and paralysis.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a type of negligence, defined as “improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional.” A case of medical malpractice must prove that the doctor owed the patient a duty of care, that the physician failed to perform that duty, that the patient suffered an injury that can be compensated, and that the injury was caused by the physician’s failure to perform the duty.

Mold Injuries

Indoor molds can have pose a serious health threat to workers in their workplaces, students in schools, or visitors to any public building. It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their property is safe and free of any unacceptable degree of mold. Severe mold allergies can be debilitating or potentially fatal.

On-the-job Accidents

Some of the most common injuries sustained in the workplace include back injuries, neck injuries, repetitive stress injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and loss of limbs. If you are one of the thousands of workers in Connecticut who suffers an injury on the job, contact us today.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure their properties are reasonably safe. Liability laws apply to property owners, property managers, and landlords. If you’ve been injured on someone’s property, it may be a result of unsafe conditions. Conditions including broken or cracked sidewalks, poor lighting, or cluttered stairways are all potential sources of premises liability claims.

Product Liability

Product liability is defined as “the responsibility of a manufacturer or vendor of goods to compensate for injury caused by defective merchandise that it has provided for sale.” The vendor of a product has the duty to make sure that the goods offered for sale are of acceptable quality at the time of the sale.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Although you might not expect it, some of the most serious injuries are the result of falls, trips, and slips. These seemingly minor incidents have the potential to be serious, even fatal. Innocent victims may face medical bills, loss of income, disability, and pain and suffering as a result of these accidents.

Truck Crashes

Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles have  the potential to cause catastrophic injury and property damage in the event of an accident. Due to the increased weight and size of these vehicles, truck crashes are some of the worst accidents on the road.

From a legal perspective, truck crashes are complicated because truckers are usually professional drivers employed by trucking companies that seek to limit their liability in the case of an accident.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims occur when a person has lost a loved one due to the negligence of some responsible party. One example would be when a nursing home fails to take adequate care of one of their patients, leading to the person’s death.

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